Your Step-By-Step Guide to Using an STD Home Testing Kit

If you need to get screened for sexually transmitted infections, you may not need to go to a doctor or clinic. Instead, you can choose to make use of an STD home testing kit. As long as you follow these simple steps, the results generated by these kits are as reliable as those you would get from a doctor.

1. Purchase a Reliable Kit

When buying anything online, you should be sure to check the trustworthiness of the retailer. Look for a site that has a secure payment portal and positive reviews from other users.

2. Check the Seal

When your STD home testing kit arrives, it should be contained within a sealed package. This packaging lets you know that the swabs and other contents are sterile, which means they are safe to use to take your samples. If your testing kit arrives unsealed or appears to have been tampered with, contact the retailer instead of using it.

3. Wash Your Hands

To avoid introducing bacteria or other microorganisms from your hands into either your genitals or the test samples, be sure to wash them thoroughly with soap and water before you use the STD home testing kit. Dry your hands on a clean towel before you get started.

4. Read the Instructions

Depending on which STDs you need to test for, you might need to take a range of different samples. For example, you might need to swab the end of your penis, inside your vagina or collect urine in a sample jar. Some testing kits also provide lancets, which you can use to collect blood from a fingertip. Before you start collecting samples, read the instructions to make sure you get the right ones.

5. Fill in the Labels

STD home testing kits typically contain several labels that you need to fill in and attach to your samples. Be sure to print your name or kit number and date clearly on these labels, according to the instructions. Filling in the labels properly will help to avoid your samples being lost in the laboratory and help to ensure that you get your results on time.

6. Post the Kit Back

When you have correctly labelled and packed up your samples, it is time to return them. Usually, it is fine to use any postbox, although the testing company might request that you avoid posting your samples back at the weekend to avoid any delays. After you have sent off your samples, all you need to do is sit back and wait for the results to arrive.

Contact a medical service for more information regarding STD home testing kits.

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