6 Reasons to Visit a Menopause Clinic

Menopause is a natural part of life, but it can also cause symptoms that make life difficult or uncomfortable. The good news is that there is help available. If any of the following symptoms are causing problems for you, visit a menopause clinic to get help.

1. Hot Flushes

Many women experience suddenly feeling hot for no reason while they are going through menopause. Sometimes, this hot feeling is accompanied by dizziness, feeling faint or having a pounding heartbeat. Hot flushes are treatable and manageable, so do not hesitate to visit a menopause clinic if they are interfering with your daily life.

2. Night Sweats

When they occur at night, hot flushes can cause night sweats. Waking several times a night soaking wet with sweat can leave you feeling exhausted, so be sure to visit a menopause clinic for help with this annoying problem. Clinics can prescribe hormonal treatments or other medications to prevent night sweats.

3. Painful Sex

Sex that was once pleasurable can become painful during menopause. The pain often arises from a lack of lubrication or from atrophy of the vaginal tissue. The good news is that there are hormone creams that can make sex more comfortable. Menopause hormonal treatment clinics offer these topical treatments, along with pelvic floor therapy which can also help.

4. Lack of Libido

Sometimes, the problem with sex is not that it is painful, but that you simply do not have any interest in it. Low libido is not a problem if you are happy with it, but for many women, it puts a strain on their relationship. Hormonal treatments and sex therapy can help you to re-engage with your sexual side.

5. Combat Weight Gain

Many women find that they put weight on around the time that they reach menopause. The weight gain could be the result of hormonal changes, lifestyle or a combination of both. Menopause clinics can provide lifestyle advice, medication and psychological support to help you maintain a healthy weight, which is important for staying healthy in later life.

6. Protect Your Bones

Bone density becomes a concern for many women both during and after menopause. Lower levels of oestrogen in this later stage of life can cause bones to become weaker and smaller. Menopause clinics can monitor your bone mass and provide lifestyle advice, supplements and medication if necessary to help you keep your bones strong and healthy.

For more information, contact a menopause clinic near you.

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